Welcome to the Home Page for 'Jacob' Dongil Shin (신동일)

Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature (영어영문학과)
at Chung-Ang University (중앙대학교), Seoul, Korea.

You can e-mail me at shin@cau.ac.kr, call at 02-820-5098 (my office), 02-820-5095 (department office).

I take another step forward in challenging still-dominant neoliberal/monolingual theories, pedagogies, and practices in where we use and educate languages. My areas of research include language assessment (test development & validation); language (testing) policy and planning, (critical) discourse analysis; neoliberalism (in applied linguistics), McCommunication (verbal hygiene) culture; monlolingual ideologies and multi-/plural turn, lingua franca/translingual/metrolingual practice, ecological views of language resource, language identities, language rights; globalization, (early) study abroad, migration, (dis-)citizenship; narrative inquiries, storytelling, oral proficiency, appropriate pedagogy.


(Here are some other important links where I have been working.)