Welcome to the Home Page for Dongil "Jacob" Shin (신동일)


Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Department of English Language and Literature (영어영문학과) at the Chung-Ang University (중앙대학교), Seoul, Korea. You can e-mail me at shin@cau.ac.kr, call at 02-820-5098 (my office), 02-820-5095 (department office).


The Books recently published  

        담론의 이해 mockingbird


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I as a researcher take a big step forward in challenging taken-for-granted neoliberal and monolingual theories, practices, and pedagogies in where we use and educate languages. Researching language and society mostly in Korean contexts, I have explored the emerging movements (narrative, critical, discursive, multilingual, cultural turns) to see (critical) applied linguistics in a new light. My publications cover a range of interconnected topics and research methodologies:


(1) (critical) language testing (test development, validation, high-stakes policies, sociopolitics of testing), (2) (critical) discourse analysis, conversation analysis, (3) language governmentality, linguistic entrepreneurship, language ideologies and subjectivities. (4) language use and social identities, (5) critical language awareness, critical literacy, language rights, linguicism (linguistic discrimination), (6) languges in the global marketplace (e.g., issues of McCommunication, verbal hygiene), multi-/plural turns in the regimes of language, from monolingualism to lingua franca, translingual, metrolingual, ecological practice, (7) language in the media, (social) semiotics and cultural studies, (8) storytelling and narrative studies (spoken and story grammar, pedagogy and assessment in story-telling, narrative inquries).